Bogotá, Colombia

Why use PEO services in Colombia?

Save time

It takes time to start a business and create a bank account in Colombia. With our solution you can get your new business within a couple of days.

No need to start an entity

It can be very costly to start your own company to then hire your own employees. By using a PEO service, you avoid this hassle and cost.

Handles taxes and payroll responsibilities

Working with an PEO means that you don’t have to consider any payroll responsibilities that include several costs. Not to mention the convenience factor of having to handle the administrative burden that can be very time consuming.

Employee onboarding

Usually it is also very time-consuming to onboard a new member of your team, not to mention the amount of paperwork. It is also costly to handle the interviewing, medical requirements, reference checking etc. Good PEOs usually offer these services that can help your process find your ideal colleague and addition to the team.


No need for long-term commitment and you are able to test the market out before making a full investment..

HR compliance and legal understanding

Many employment and labour  laws are complex and special for each country. With a PEO, you don’t need to think about this which can be very costly in the long run for a company. A good PEO should give you clear and good advice on how you handle your employees legally in the country of your interest.

Our PEO services are:

Payroll Management

We handle the onboarding of your new employee. We take the responsibility of the calculation and payment of salaries and benefits.

Staff Outsourcing

Hiring a new member of staff through our recruitment and PEO service team.


Find and recruit the ideal candidate for your company to be able to expand successfully in Colombia.

Colombian Law Compliance

We ensure your company is fully compliant with all Colombian law and legislation required to hire in Colombia.

Cost Effectiveness

All our services are cost effective for both small or large companies. We ensure that you cut costs and reduce risk with a smart business approach rather than building a company up from scratch.

Interested in knowing more in our PEO, Professional Employer Organization,  services in Colombia?