Relocate to Sweden

There is a great need for developers in Sweden and many of our clients are open to candidates that want to relocate.

The Globedesk team has personally relocated once or several times for work opportunities. 

This makes our team pros in what you as a candidate, and company who will receive a new talent will go through. We can therefore support you in the very best way. 

To apply for a position with relocation, you need to have a minimum of 4 years experience, a high level of English, and be skilled in your area of expertise.

Team in Gothenburg
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Our best advice before relocating

Make a plan

It's important that the whole family is onboard with the idea of relocation and that there is a plan for what your partners and kids will do in your new country.


Plan to have some savings before you relocate. Maybe you want to buy a car or invest in housing. There will always be some expenses when relocation to a new country.


Before the relocation, read about your new city and country. The more you know before traveling, the easier the process will be for you.

Use our expertise

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Reach out to your contact person at Globedesk. There are no stupid questions! We are here to help you, both before and after the relocation.


Be prepared that it might take some time to find housing. Many of our candidates have a temporary housing during the first month after arriving.


You will be perfectly fine with just English in Sweden but your experience will be so much better if you try to learn some Swedish. Once in Sweden you will be offered courses.

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