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We want you to grow and succeed with us and our consultants. Our team of recruiters will help you to find the ideal talent.

Globedesk offer consultants within two main areas, IT and Marketing.

  • We have developers within backend, frontend and fullstack, skilled in different languages. 
  • Our marketing consultants help your clients with social media, content marketing and building an audience online.

Our consultants make us so proud!

Sara and Vivianne
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Why Colombia and LATAM

Colombia, a Latin American country known for its rich culture and hospitality, is also making a name for itself in the InformationTechnology (IT) sector. 

Benefits of working with developers from Colombia and LATAM:

  • Convenient time zones
  • Friendly and warm culture
  • Hardworking and diligent
  • Cost-effective services
  • A pool of highly skilled developers 
Time zones LATAM
Free E-Book

Free E-book Colombian Developers
Why Globedesk

Senior developers

We can help you add specialists to your team. Our senior developers have several years of experience and are experts within their area.

Rising stars

Our junior and mid developers are rising stars and highly motivated. Mix up your team with talents at the beginning of their career.

Grow your brand

Our highly skilled and price competitive social media experts will be help you grow your brand awareness.

Modern tech stacks

Our developers work with modern tech stacks and always eager to learn new skills.

High level of English

All our consultants have a high level of English.


You will receive a high level of support and communication from the Globedesk-team.

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