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Our skilled developers creates high quality solution using industry best practices.

Professional Employer Organization

In Colombia, we help your business with hiring, payroll, VISA application and more.


We relocate top talents from LATAM and especially from Colombia.


Not looking for consultants but to hire? We help you with the recruitment process.

What our customers says


Senior Developers

All our consultants are senior developers with several years of experience. They are pros at working remotely for international companies and they bring extra value to our customers.

Based in LATAM

Our consultants comes from LATAM and especially from Colombia. We can offer consultants remotely or on-site. Our consultants have long experience of working for international companies and are passionated for technology.

Prize competetive

For our clients in North America and Scandinavia, we can offer senior developers to a prize competitive rate.

Designated Key Account Manager

To provide our clients with excellent service, we offer them a dedicated contact person. Feel free to ask us for references from existing clients.

Professional Employer Organization


We help you establish your business and expand in Colombia.

Quick Hire

We guarantee a quick hiring process within a few days.

Legal Compliance

We ensure your entire employment process is compliant with all legal requirements.

Full Payroll Services

We help you facilitate payroll with the legally required social security and benefits to local staff.

Check out all our PEO-services here.

Peo-team Bogota


Top Candidates From LATAM

Sometimes it’s difficult to find candidates with the right competence in your region. We help you finding and relocate the candidate.

The Process

  • Finding candidates with the right competence for the position.
  • Performing interviews, testing and evaluation of the candidate.
  • Globedesk take care of the VISA and the migration process.
Boarding Airplane


Top Candidates

Your candidates are interviewed  and evaluated against the specified requirements by us.

Broad Network

Utilising a number of tools, our network and our own database, helps us to find the ideal candidate for you.

Globedesk Recruiters

It is our job to make your company successful. Globedesk personal service and solutions makes your recruitment quick, cost efficient and easy.

Save Time

We help your own HR department to save time by sourcing and screening candidates.

Cost Efficiency

We use a simple pricing model and you only pay if you hire one of our candidates.

Low Risk

Since you only pay if you hire one of our candidates, the risk of trying our services is very low.


The Globedesk Team

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