Daniel Vargas

Meet Daniel, Senior Developer relocated to Sweden

How is it to move to Sweden? How is the relocation process? What’s it like to work for a Swedish company? And how is life in Sweden? That is some of things we asked Daniel, senior developer relocated to Sweden.

Hi Daniel! Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’d be happy to share a bit about myself. My name is Daniel Vargas, I’m from Colombia and currently work as a Software Engineer for Benify at Gothenburg.  I moved to Sweden about 8 months ago with my husband, and we’ve really been enjoying our life here. The move was a big step for us, but it’s been a wonderful experience so far. We love exploring new surroundings and experiencing all that Sweden has to offer, from its beautiful landscapes to its unique culture. It’s been a great adventure, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us here.

How was your process of relocation for work?

Moving to Sweden for work went really smoothly. I had great help from Sara at Globodesk right from the start. She helped me with everything I needed, from the paperwork to finding a place to live. This support made it much easier for me to settle in and start my new job without any worries.

How is the working culture in Sweden?

The work culture here in Sweden is fantastic for keeping a healthy balance between your job and your personal life. People really value their time off, and that shows in how work is organized. We work efficiently so that we have plenty of time to relax and enjoy life after work. This approach makes me really enjoy my work and feel less stressed.

Tell us what you like about Sweden

There’s so much I like about living in Sweden. The community feeling here is strong, and there’s a big focus on being eco-friendly, which I really respect. The nature here is beautiful, with lots of green spaces to explore. Plus, things like public transport and healthcare are well managed, making daily life easy and pleasant. All these things together make Sweden a great place to live and work.

Would you like to relocate to Sweden?

At Globedesk, we are looking for members to our team. We have open remote roles and roles with relocation to Sweden. If you are a senior developer or senior tech professional, we would love to get to know you and share more information about our open positions.