Relocate to Sweden

This article is focused on the relocation process before moving to Sweden.
For information about what will happen when you arrive to Sweden please see this article.

1 - Be sure before applying

We love relocation and helping our candidates with the adventure that relocation is. Relocation is a fantastic opportunity but it’s not for everyone. To give you the best support, it’s very important that you have thought this trough.
Here are some things you need to think about:

  • Usually, it’s not possible to pay both for a housing in your new country and your old country. If you have a lot of fixed cost that you cannot eliminate before moving, relocation is not right for you in this moment.
  • After moving, will you have family members to support in you old country? To send large amounts every month will probably not be possible for you.
  • Are you ready to leave your family, friends, culture and start over far away from everything that is familiar?
  • Are your partner and family as eager as you? This is a family project. To succeed, it’s important that all the members of the family want’s to do this and that they are positive and open to the change

2 - The hiring process

When relocation, you will either be hired by Globedesk in Sweden or by one of our clients.
The process is very similar for both cases:

  1. First interview
  2. Testing or Technical Interview
  3. Second interview
  4. Offer made

This process can take from 2 weeks up to 1-2 months. It all depends of the client and the time of the year. Usually, processes moves slow in Sweden during the period of June to August because of the summer vacations.

3 - Passport and documentation

To start the VISA-process, you and all your family members, needs to have a passport that is valid for at least 2 more years.
We will ask for a Power of attorney so we can apply for the VISA on your behalf.
If you are married, you need to present your marriage certificate in original and a translated copy (English). They don’t need to be apostilled. 
If you have children, you need to present the birth certificate in original and a translated copy (English). They don’t need to be apostilled. 
The translated documents needs to be translated by a official translator.
If you have a union libre, you need to prove that you have been living together for more than 6 months. You need documents that support that you are living together at the moment of the application and also documents that proves that you were living together more than 6 months ago. This can for example be a copy of your lease, if both your names are on it, invoices sent to your address and other official documents.

4 - The VISA-process

Globedesk has fast track with Migration in Sweden, which means that in theory, an application should take 14 days. The last months, Migration has not been able to deliver work permits in time and that makes it very difficult for us to say how long time the application will take.
Today we see handling times from 1 month up to 3 months. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to speed up the process. We just need to have patience and wait for the decision.


5 - The move

For candidates hired by Globedesk, we pay for the flight ticket for you and your family. We also pay so that you can bring extra luggage. Most of client have the same policy but you will get the exact information from them during the process.
We buy the tickets as soon we have a positive decision from Migration.

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions about the process or if you are interested in a position with relocation.