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Relocation For Work

Relocation for work – Are you up for it?

Have you been offered a job abroad or maybe you are actively seeking jobs abroad? Before relocation for work, there are some things to think about. Finding a place to live, schools for your children, what items do you want to bring from home can be hard. It can be exciting or a complete logistical nightmare. Here you have my tips that made my moves smooth as silk.

Connect with your fellow expats

Find social media groups of your new location. There you can ask simple questions about your new city and anything related to your needs. It can be extremely useful and also a source of finding new friends. This is also a perfect way to get to know new people in your new city. Many groups post events and meet ups.

Research the city

It might be given to do a little investigation of your potential new town. For example, get to  know the cost of living in the new city. Surprisingly, this can make a big difference in your salary. Also, make sure to look into if the city offers the things you love most. Take time to get to know your new environment before you move.

Easy travel and moving

Start by researching moving costs (truck rentals, quotes from professional movers, transportation expenses, temporary housing, storage, etc.) Moving companies offer various options, so make sure you get the one you need. Maybe the cost for the move is something that you can negotiate in you contract?

The city admin burden

Every city will have an administrative processes such as registration, medical card/insurance, school enrolment etc. Have a look what is required and have all documents ready before departure. Sometimes you need original documents from your hometown. It’s good to be prepared!

Moving to a new city or country is extremely exciting and thrilling and will give you new friends and memories for life. Relocation for work can be the best decision you make! We have clients that are looking for both remote workers and people that are willing to relocate. Upload your resume and enroll for our newsletter if you are interested in a change.

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