Vivianne and Sara

International women's day at Globedesk

International Women’s day is celebrated to highlight the socio-political and cultural achievements we have made up until today. Every step towards positive working and private life should be celebrated.
Today, we want to celebrate three strong women in Globedesk. We asked two questions on life in tech and being a woman in tech.

Vivianne Aggestam, CEO Americas

How did you end up in the tech sector?

My background has always been sustainability. As passionate as I am about sustainability, the day I started Globedesk with my best friend Sara, was the same day I knew I would feel the same about the tech sector. It’s fast moving, exciting and constantly changing. Very similar to the sustainable development sector. In reality, I ended up in this sector as I was slowly talking to Sara about the exciting things we can do together that involved our experiences in Colombia. We knew amazing tech-talents and we wanted to keep spreading the news.

What are the positive aspects of being a Woman in Tech?

Women have unfortunately been underrepresented in most working sectors due to historical reasons. However, most sectors today are experiencing a growth of the presence of women and tech is no different. To keep that number growing, the sector needs to continue to promote tech as a topic and a positive working environment. I believe this is happening everywhere and companies like ourselves are actually run by women. It still inspires me everyday to work alongside strong, happy and smart women in my own company. To have the opportunity to make a difference to a current and younger generation of women (even when it’s just on a small scale like Globedesk! :D) is an amazing feeling. 

Sara Toth-Egetö, CEO Europe

How did you end up in the tech sector?

In Karlskrona, Sweden, the city where I’m from, Telecom is a dominating sector so I started my career in Telecom.
The step from Telecom to Tech came as a natural development.

What are the positive aspects of being a Woman in Tech?

In my experience the tech sector in general is open minded, inclusive and welcoming. If you are into tech, it’s a great sector to work in. In my daily work I meet interesting  and driven people, and I feel that I always learn something new from all these interactions. Going to work is never boring or gives a feeling of routine. I also love all the possibilities that tech has given women. Globedesk is a fully remote it-consultancy, founded by women, which had been unthinkable without all the new technologies we have seen over the last years. I truly believe that tech is a way for a more equal society and also to help people out of poverty. 

Annie Ferbes

Annie Ferbes, Social Media Manager

How did you end up in the tech sector?

The tech sector has always attracted me, but I have never had the opportunity to apply my knowledge. I love helping brands grow in their industries, and that’s how I ended up here.

It’s an exciting sector. Every day, you discover a new thing, and I believe, as a marketing specialist, the tech sector is something marketing can work on efficiently. You have to keep up with the latest trends, so you’ll never get bored here 😊  you are always learning or creating something new. People might think the tech sector is only for men, but I want to be part of that change. Women can do anything! We are here to stay. We are not going anywhere. 

What are the positive aspects of being a Woman in Tech?

The most important aspects of being a woman in Tech are:

– Innovation: As in any industry, Women in Tech are essential. A woman can identify and study what another woman needs and develop a product faster than a man doing the same job.Women in Tech are creating more products that are relatable for us as women, for our needs.

– Diversity: It brings diversity and a unique perspective on handling situations and problems. It can lead to more creativity and innovation.

– Impact: Women in Tech can be part of the change. Work on projects that positively impact society and make a difference in people’s lives.

– Competitive salaries: The tech industry is known for its high-paying jobs. With the right skills and experience, women can earn a competitive salary and enjoy financial stability

We are looking for more talented women in Tech!

At Globedesk, we are looking for members to our team. We have open remote roles and roles with relocation to Sweden. If you are a senior developer, we would love to get to know you and share more information about our open positions.