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Vacations as a remote freelancer

Working as a remote freelancer while on vacation has its upsides and downsides, and I have never liked the combination of business and pleasure until now. Now I plan to work remotely even on my holidays! I wanted to give you some tops of how you can combine your holidays with your remote work.


[av_iconlist position=’left’ iconlist_styling=” custom_title_size=” custom_content_size=” font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=” color=” custom_bg=” custom_font=” custom_border=” av-medium-font-size-title=” av-small-font-size-title=” av-mini-font-size-title=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” admin_preview_bg=”] [av_iconlist_item title=’ Make sure you have a stable wifi connection ‘ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” icon=’ue8a7′ font=’entypo-fontello’] One would think there is internet access pretty much in every house, every airbnb accommodation and even in the middle of the rainforest. However, there are still many places where it could be unstable or nothing at all. I have also been to many locations where it’s simply not strong enough or just not working. Make sure you verify the wifi with the place you are staying.
[/av_iconlist_item] [av_iconlist_item title=’Prioritise your holiday first’ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” icon=’ue8bc’ font=’entypo-fontello’] Try to always to remember that the reason you are on holiday is because you want a holiday! So make sure you plan your work around your holiday activities. I like to hike a lot so sometimes that goes over a whole day but I also like to lie on the beach for some hours. I have found that planning my work over some mornings and some after dinner works the best for me.
[/av_iconlist_item] [av_iconlist_item title=’Find your holiday working space’ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” icon=’ue821′ font=’entypo-fontello’] As much as wifi connection is important, so is the selection of accommodation. I tend to really be influenced by the pictures of the places I chose. So for example, I look for a good little working corner. I like to have it all put in one place. Now, that place doesn’t necessarily need to be in a little corner desk that hotels always have in their rooms. On my last holiday I was on the Colombian beach and I had a beautiful terrace by the ocean where I could lay and watch the sunset. But that terrace was also a place to sit down and do some freelance remote work.
[/av_iconlist_item] [av_iconlist_item title=’Update your clients’ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” icon=’ue80b’ font=’entypo-fontello’] Don’t forget the let your clients know that you are on vacation. If you are changing timezone, this could be a useful information for them. If you feel that you want to do some work during your vacation, let the client know what hours they can expect. If you don’t want to work at all during your vacation, check with the client so that your vacation plans is ok for them
[/av_iconlist_item] [/av_iconlist]

After I started drawing up my time like this, my life is so much more fun! Taking charge and combining work and vacation in a fun way – opened up something new and exciting. And let’s be honest, almost all can’t stay away looking through one’s work email and responding to a question here and there. So why not making that into actual working hours you get paid for?


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