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Trello Project Management

Trello – THE tool for project management

If you don’t already know about Trello – I am about to shed some light on a virtual tool that has really helped me through the year to organise my life and job tasks.

So about a year ago, I was just like the rest of you remote workers, a lot work on my plate and many deadlines to upkeep. I had a really hard time to keep up at time and even worse, my handwriting sucks so my to do lists were pretty disappointing. One day a friend of mine introduced me to a tool called Trello.
Trello is an online tool that can help you manage projects, to-do lists and personal tasks. Initially I didn’t think much of it, but after a week I was hooked. I am now organising all my task lists that I either do alone or collaborating with friends and colleagues. I can set deadlines, color code my tasks and add members and documents very easily.

Co-working with Trello

What I like the most, is that I can comment freely in each task. As you might be very familiar with, pinging people in chats on a daily basis can be infuriating if you have a time sensitive day. Instead, you can communicate it all in each task in Trello. This will avoid stress and annoyance on my precious colleagues and they will deal with it when they have the time.

Now, if you are a remote worker and have similar problems like me, check it out. 5 minutes of your time that will change and improve your way of work.

Globedesk + Trello = True!

Our team at Globedesk use Trello daily and it really helps us moving our business forward. What is your favorite tool when you work remotely?


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