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Recruitment Process

Hiring employees in Colombia?

Colombia is a fantastic country to expand your operations in. It is a country with a great source of talents and competences. However, hiring the right people can be complicated and exhausting. In Colombia, there are a few steps and rules to be considered. Here are some basic considerations when you have found the ideal colleague to hire in Colombia


Different types of contracts

When you hire in Colombia, the most common contract in Colombia is the indefinite term contract. These kinds of fixed contracts cannot be longer than 3 years. This time-limit can be a little frustrating to some companies. And remember, it’s a contract that must be in writing.
Then you also have the option of temporary contracts which then depends on the duration of the work. This is usually given for shorter projects. Surprisingly, Colombia uses these kinds of contracts quite often. It is not uncommon to see these contracts offered at international agencies, development banks and in different sectors.


Colombia has a minimum wage requirement. The amount of the salary is determined annually by the government. For 2019 the minimum salary is COP 828.116.
In the IT sector, salaries tend to really vary though. If you are looking for a developer, they earn about 3 to 10 million COP monthly. The salary obviously depends on education, experience and english competence.
Working in the finance and accounting sector or in telecommunication it can give you an average salary of 5 million COP a month.

The payroll system

Colombia employees are paid monthly or twice a month, depending on the company. There are 13 periods of payments made in one year.
They call the 13th salary “prima” and it’s usually paid in two instalments. The first half of the 13th payment is paid in June and the second in December.
Many employees see it as their bonus. As an employer, you are legally obliged to pay prima to your employees.

Additional costs

There are some other additional costs you also need to consider and that you are legally required to pay. This includes an employee’s social security system like pensions, healthcare, and work-related risks.
There are some benefits that can also be considered such as contribution for transportation, work clothes and footwear, and family benefits etc. But this all depends on the company and of course, if there is a shortage of competence within the sector. Companies tend to have good benefits to attract the best.

Keep in mind that laws regarding payroll and taxes changes so you need to always be updated.

If your company doesn’t have the capacity to start hiring in Colombia but have found the perfect colleague. Say no more. We can help you with that.

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