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The goal of your resume

For almost whatever job you apply for, the employer will want to see your resume. In some cases, your LinkedIn profile may suffice but it is still most common to submit your resume. What tricks are there then when you write your resume?

Your resume needs to raise interest. This is where you have the opportunity to sell yourself. Avoid just reciting everything you’ve done in your work life. Explain in your resume what your work experience has taught you and describe the skills you developed and deepened. Pick out a few projects you have worked on that went very well. Tell us what results you achieved, how you achieved the results and how your work helped the company you worked for.

It’s not necessary to include everything you’ve ever done in your resume, instead choose the most important. The same goes for your studies, include the most important and what may be of relevance to the post.

In any case, if you send in your resume with the link to your LinkedIn profile, the employer will see everything you’ve done and all your studies. Focus on a complete LinkedIn profile where employers and recruiters can find all information about previous jobs and studies. Then you can emphasise in your resume what is most relevant to the post you are applying for.

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