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Skype Globedesks

Skype – perfect for remote workers

Do you work from abroad but all your customers are in your home country?
Or maybe you have many customers abroad in a certain country?
Then Skype has many great solutions for you.

Buy a fixed phone number

With Skype you can purchase a fixed phone number. They offer fixed numbers in several countries. This is perfect if you are working remote. This allows all your customers, suppliers and colleges to call you at a local number even if you are somewhere else. 

Fixed price for calling a certain country

Are your customers in another country? Then you can buy Skype monthly subscriptions where you can call unlimited phone numbers in a particular country.

Customer Care no matter where you are

Today, there are great opportunities for those who want to work remotely. It has never been easier to provide good customer care and good customer experiences, no matter where in the world you are. Skype is just one of the tools available. We promise to return with more posts to suggest other good solution for those who work remotely.

Here you can read more about Skype’s services.

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