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Resume Review

Resume review – How strong is your resume?

It is always a trying time when you are looking for a job. Researching open positions, updating and changing your resume, writing personalised cover letters and calling potential leads. The constant rejections alone can be challenging to handle. Today you can hire professional resume consultants to help you achieve getting your dream job and do a resume review. But how does it really work?

Initial resume review 

Start by sending a consultant your resume. Through this consultation, they can help you identify particular achievements and skills that are useful for the role you are applying for. Many of us tend to put a lot of information on our resumes that might not be necessary. It is hard to be objective about our own careers.  They help you remove anything not needed and overall feedback is usually provided.

Resume feedback 

That feedback will be important for all your future resumes. But what do you really get? The usual information provided is style and organisation. Is your resume in the style of the sector you apply within? Sectors like IT, environment, engineering all have different layouts that apply. Resumes should have a professional  summary that should promise the reader that you are the ideal candidate. What about grammar? If you are like me, not a native english speaker, it is easy to make mistakes. A reviewer will make sure your summary and grammar is suitable for you and your sector.

What is ATS? 

ATS is an applicant tracking system or a software that many companies or recruiters use to scan resumes. The aim is to facilitate the process and make it more efficient. If your resume is not ATS applicable, your resume could get lost with hundreds of others. A resume reviewer can help you with this to ensure that your resume won’t be missed out.

Most resume reviewers are really happy to help you edit your resume. Some offer other benefits too, such as support during an ongoing employment possibility, interview coaching etc.

We offer this kind of resume support and you can get your resume reviewed for free. Click here and get one step closer to getting the job you deserve.


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