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Remote working – better for families and the environment

What impact has remote working on families and the environment?
A new survey by an online accounting firm MYOB was published recently and their aim was  to find out how many businesses have flexible work opportunities.


They looked at 1,000 local businesses and found some flexible work options were offered by approx. 60% percent of local businesses in the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) range in the United States. More than a third (34%) allow their staff to work away from the office. This is a big difference since only a decade ago when this concept was inconsiderable for most companies. 22% of the interviewed companies offer flexible start and finish times which means that a person can combine their start and finish time. For someone who has kids, this can have a significant contribution to handle their workload and taking care of their children. One in five have specific hours for working parents which is a great solution if you have a tight schedule.

The Environment

But, it’s not only parents that can have use this to our benefit. And well, we all know how horrible it feels that we lose hours of our days to just sit in a car. Not to mention the environmental contribution you can potentially make by leaving the car at home twice a week! It is clear that if a company decide to implement new policies towards more progressive ways of work, changes can be made in not only employee happiness, but through lowering air pollution in your city. Another study performed by Sun Microsystems that employees on average save more than $1,700 per year in fuel and wear and tear on their vehicles when they work at home just 2.5 days a week! Knowing this, companies have a great opportunity to be able to reduce an average person’s carbon footprint!

Environmental responsibility comes in many shapes and forms for a person. Sometimes it is highly visible and very apparent like reducing paper and plastic use. Other times it is not. Working from home is very definitely one of them and in many respects can be considered the ultimate green move.

Read more about the survey here.

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