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Remote workers will boost your company

Did you know that remote workers are outperforming office workers?

One of the explanations to this is that many office workers find it hard to concentrate at the office and
that they do not have access to quiet places to do focused work.

So what is the advantages with remote workers?

Surveys shows that remote workers productive. How can that be? It´s because there are no office distractions and that they have greater autonomy.

Teamwork will also get a boost. This is because that distance demands more communication and today that is very easy with solutions such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

A remote worker is also more present. They don’t need to be at an office so they can plan their workday better. If they for example have a cold, they can still work from home without infect their teammates.

A remote job truly gives you more freedom and you also save a lot time sense you don’t need to commute to an office. A you interested in starting a new lifestyle with a remote job? Or maybe you already have a remote job but are looking for new opportunities? Then you are welcome to Globedesk! Our focus are remote jobs and we would like to help you with your career. Here you can find all our available remote jobs.

If you want read more about the advantages of remote working you can read this article.


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