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From start to finish

We know it can be a challenge finding the right candidate. Globedesk believe in a strong recruitment process where we guarantee a high standard of candidates. We help you identify, examine, and recruit the most qualified IT candidate tailored for your needs.

Globedesk recruit for permanent and temporary contracts at all levels. Depending on your requirements, we’re confident we can deliver.

Start to finish

How does it work?

Defining the Profils
Market Research
Posting and Promoting Job
Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment Services

Finding Talent

We help you find the talent your company is after. Utilising a number of tools, our network and our own database, helps us to find the ideal candidate for you.

Thorough Interviews

All candidates that we present to you, has done a least two interviews with two different recruiters.

Full Evaluation

Candidates that are presented to interview will be fully assessed and evaluated against the specified requirements. This will include internal assessment of any submitted candidate’s level and skills.

Added Value

If needed, Globedesk can act as the employer for you and do the contracting, payroll etc.

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