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Policy change related to our relocation projects

For us here at Globedesk, health is the most important thing, both for our employees, candidates and for our customers. We would like to tell you how we think and work around relocation now in these special times.

Looking for Candidates?

For security reasons, it is currently impossible for us to relocate our candidates. Their health, the needs of their families and your health are the most important right now.

Globedesk can still deliver top candidates to you while relocation arrangements will be made once it is possible. In the meantime, we can offer you two solutions.

What we can offer you is that candidates either work as consultants for you until a relocation is realistic to implement or we act as an employer for you in the meantime.

We help tailor the solution that works best for you. A big advantage is that our candidates are experts in working remotely. In principle, all of our candidates are already working remotely to English-speaking countries or companies. They will handle this situation as professionals and we are confident that you will get a high quality in your delivery.

Want to Relocate?

We are still looking for candidates who want to relocate. You are always welcome to contact us for questions and submit your resume

We are continuously monitoring the advice and recommendations related to the coronavirus in different countries and ensuring transparency and safety for you and your employer.

If we find a job for you abroad within the next few months, then expect to start remotely and when it is safe for you to relocate, your family and people you meet while traveling.

Keep in mind that this may mean slightly different working hours in the beginning, as an adaptation to companies in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Looking Forward

Stopping relocation for our candidates will apply as long as a relocation poses a risk to themselves or others.

We are completely open to other solutions for in the meantime and look forward to continuing to be able to deliver top candidates as well!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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