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Professional Employer Organization in Colombia

Is your company starting or expanding it’s business to Colombia?
Let Globedesk help your business with hiring and all the administration. Use our Professional Employer Organization in Colombia.

By hiring us, you will save both time and money:

For small to medium businesses,  it’s not worth the cost and all the work with setting up an foreign entity.

We help you hire and get started quickly.

You will be able to hire employees before your foreign entity is set up.

We make it possible for you to convert your freelancer or consultant to an employee.

Our PEO Services

Find and Hire Talents

We help you find the talent your company need and hire them for you.


We help you with the VISA-process.


We take care of payroll and we can do one time or monthly payments.


We help you so that your employee gets all the benefits and pension.

Office Space

We can provide office space for individuals or teams.

Service and Support

We provide high quality service and support during the whole process.

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