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Outperform with Outsourcing

Outsourcing is simple on paper but difficult in reality. What happens after signing that contract that shows you will save X amount of dollars per year? This is when the quality of the outsourcing partner will show, but perhaps too late. Our experience with outsourcing and consulting both on purchase and provider side has shown us the following key success factors for securing those savings and at the same time keep the quality in the delivery.



From the beginning you need to define exactly what you want to achieve with your outsourcing. In most cases cost saving is an important goal, but it should not be the only one. Securing a good quality, getting benefit from competence sharing from the provider team, and seeing new innovative ideas trickle into the own organization may just be as important sub-goals.

Well defined KPI’s

KPI’s derived from your clear goals that you continuously measure will help both you to have control over the delivery, and us as a provider to accurately plan and execute the delivery within the frame agreement.

Clear Communication

Clear and continuous communication between our companies is a pre-requisites for success. Early on in the project, the communication channels need to be defined and from then on, maintained and adjusted based on needs in the ongoing projects. Communication has to happen on several levels, from business and partnership levels between your purchase responsible and our skilled account managers down to technical level in the delivery.

Empowered Teams

Having well defined goals, KPI’s and clear communication along with a relationship built on trust enables us to build empowered teams that go out of their way to support you in the best way possible without fear of doing mistakes. We back our teams fully and encourage our teams to have FUN at work as well!

Make Globedesk your partner

Do you have questions about outsourcing or maybe you are interested to use our services? Don’t hesitate to write to us!

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