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Globedesk is a Colombian company and we focus on Recruitment, IT-consulting and Employer Services.
Our consultants and candidates mostly comes from Colombia but we have both consultants and candidates in other countries and timezones as well.
Globedesk speciality is finding consultants and candidates that work remotely.
We truly believe that working remotely is the modern way of working and we see that employers and employees have discovered all the benefits with remote working.

The Management Team

Sara Toth-Egetö Globedesk

Sara Toth-Egetö, Co-Founder

Sara is a serial entrepreneur with sejours in both consulting businesses and e-commerce behind her. In addition to this she has a solid experience in the telecommunication industry working for a global telecom provider. She has worked both on receiving and producing end of outsourcing, being part of a delivery as well as being involved in purchasing of outsourcing services. With this experience, she has gained a deep understanding of outsourcing and consulting and loves to put this into practice in the work with Globedesk.

Vivianne Aggestam Globedesk

Vivianne Aggestam Davila, Co-Founder

Vivianne has a doctorate in Sustainable Development and Innovation that has led her into co-founding Globedesk. She has several years experience as an consultant that made her understand the important benefits outsourcing and recruitment from other nations can have on development. Additionally, her experience working as a remote worker has enabled her to gain skills on client-relations and understanding client needs.

Janos Toth-Egetö

János Toth-Egetö, Advisor

János has a long experience in the telecommunications industry in a wide variety of roles such as developer, software architect, team leader, devops architect, solution architect and management consultant. He has worked both in product development companies and as a consultant delivering to large international telecommunication companies. His role at Globedesk is as an advisor in consulting, outsourcing and recruiting matters.

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