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Ricardo Camacho

Meet our consultants – Ricardo Camacho

Tell us a bit about your background?

I’m a Web engineer with over 7 years of experience. I have worked with different companies, from startups to big enterprises. I love technology, web development, e-commerce, and I really like the fact of how technology can help us to automate and ease a lot of things in our lives.

What is your assignment with Globedesk?

I’m currently working as a front-end developer for Go See Talents, the next generation hiring app! It’s a Swedish established startup where we want to change the way how hiring/recruiting works nowadays, by offering a very nice platform with exciting features such as video interviews, multiple-choice tests, coding tests, all in one place

What is it like to work for a client in Sweden with the time difference and culture?

At the beginning it was a challenge, having to start my day at 6 am was something I was definitely not used to, but after some weeks I got used to it, and it was good that I could end working early so I could spend more time with my family.
My colleagues are from different countries and cultures (Canada, Sweden, and Russia), they are so friendly and nice people. I couldn’t feel happier about being part of the Go See family.

We know that you are open for a relocation to Sweden. How come?

I have always dreamed about living in a first-world country like Sweden. Coming from South America, it’s a huge change in regards to culture and lifestyle. Because of the pandemic relocation has not been possible yet, but hopefully pandemic will be over soon.

Working remotely, which are your favorite tools and best advices?

Self-discipline would be my first and best advice. Try to clearly set your goals, and work within your schedule, if you have any issues with a task or ticket, you can always raise your hand because your team will be there to support you. Be aware of procrastination, that’s your number 1 enemy! A nice tool I use for fighting procrastination and to reach productivity is Marinara (Pomodoro Assistant).
Finally, leverage the benefits of working remotely, travel, and work wherever you want, and enjoy as much as you can!

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