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Andrés Castaño

Meet our Business Developer – Andrés Castaño

Tell us a bit about your background?

I’m a 22 year old born and raised Colombian. I’m a social communicator with a focus on advertising, most of my background is focused on marketing, from big pharmaceuticals as GSK, to big universities as Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, both of them in Bogotá.

What did I do there? I created and developed brands from the beginning, including it communication concept and execution through different platforms. Additionally, I’ve translated existing communication concepts into successful strategies using compelling storytelling, graphic and visual elements and media planning.

What do you do at Globedesk?

I’m a Business Developer at Globedesk. This means, all the time I’m in the look out for the best opportunities for our consultants, our clients and our company; Right know I’m focused on developing the market for the Americas. 

However, this is not the only thing I do. At Globedesk I’ve had the opportunity to come up with new projects and execute them, we love to hear new idea. This is why now I’m restructuring our brand, creating and managing social media content, thinking email marketing strategies and planning our website content.

Also, I’m always looking out for our clients best interests, by making sure everything is running smoothly with our consultants or candidates. We do not only provide consulting services, we are also actively recruiting for our clients. Therefore I also do a thorough search, interviewing and screening for the best IT talents in Latin America.

What is it like to work for a Colombian company with a Swedish working culture?

It’s been quite a ride. I’ve enjoyed completely working with Sara and Vivianne, they’ve both been really nice mentors. The main key point in the Swedish working culture is the management of expectations: Here we make sure to fulfil our promises, taking into account the amount of time, work and effort an assignment will take. Also it’s a culture that believes in open communication, transparency, respect and trust, so we do live by those values every day. 

What has been the biggest thing for me? There’s a lot of respect: For example, your personal time it’s yours. They also respect your abilities and believe in giving great opportunities with good salaries, good contracts and benefits. Finally: We actually do have a lot of fun. 

How has your experience with a full remote onboarding been?

It’s been quite smooth, However it takes personal responsibility and commitment in order to make it work. We talk every single day about our big and little achievements, our strategies, projects, clients, etc.
So it really feels like a work team, because we are. It also has allowed me to receive feedback for each step I’ve taken, so that’s great because I’m learning something new every single day.  Thanks to the working culture is quite easy to just propose new things, ask questions and participate in new projects because we have trust in each other and an open communication.

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