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Medellín: A world-class hub of IT entrepreneurs

Medellín in Colombia, called “one of the most innovative cities in the world”, has attracted entrepreneurs from everywhere. Over the last 10 years, the IT-sector has exploded and settled in the city.

The strategy is for Medellín to become the new centre of innovation in IT and not to mention their new Artificial Intelligence centre. That won’t be too hard. Medellín has the motivation! If you have not discovered Ruta N yet, check it out. A centre of innovation that has led to a world-class commitment of change. Ruta N has excellent spaces for entrepreneurs to exchange talent and imagination. Together with opportunities for IT- companies and knowledge to be combined. A great business environment, strong tech talent base, and stunning natural landscapes. In other words, a perfect place to find workforce.

Are you new to finding outsourcing services in Colombia? Let me help you why Medellín should be on your list.

  • Colombia is located between five different time zones (Toronto, New York, Miami, Mexico City and Buenos Aires etc). This is extremely useful if you hire an IT team in Colombia.  You can easily schedule and arrange meetings without it being in the middle of the night!
  • 150,000 students graduates from Colombia annually in technical careers. Specifically in Medellín has a fast growing tech talent pool as two of the top local universities offers a Computer Science degree…not to mention the over 40 education centers offering IT careers and training.
  • Fluency in English!  We already know that this is essential to work with any developer. This competence is easy to locate in Medellín.
  • Innovation mindset! Bogota might be the capital of Colombia, but Medellín has decided to focus on  IT services and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). Hubs like Ruta N has become city’s leader for innovation.

Globedesk in Medellín

The offers of Medellín’s expertise in IT is plentiful. This is why Globedesk has the majority of it’s IT teams based in the city. Contact us and let’s see how Globedesk can help your company grow!


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