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Looking for skilled remote workers?

Globedesk is an innovative platform that focus on jobs and employees that want to work partly or fully remotely.

Looking for new exciting competence that can work part or full-time remotely? Try our service for free for 1 month and find the right competence for your company! Post vacancies on our site and take a look at our knowledgeable candidates. If you need help with your recruitment process, we are here to help you find your ideal candidate!

Try one month for free!

Use our voucher code “Company” when you buy our Company Package. Then you can try our services freely for a whole month.

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The benefits of distance workers

Check out our blog where we provide advice about remote working. You can read about the company benefits when they have employees to work completely or partially remotely.

Do you have any questions about our services or regarding recruitment? You are welcome to contact us at

This offer is valid until end of June 2018.
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