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Consulting Services

Robot AI

Agile Software Development

We design and deliver software according to agile principles, ensuring that the right things are built, with transparency and good communication throughout the project.

Quality Assurance and Test Automation

Expand or outsource your end-to-end test and quality assurance capabilities by using our skilled test automation engineers.

Operation and Maintenance

Optimize margin on your product by outsourcing the operation and maintenance to us.

Flexible Delivery Options

Combined Local/Offshore Team

Combined Local/Offshore Team

With a combined team of consultants on site and offshore you get the best of both worlds. The local team ensures good communication with stakeholders and other key members of your team and gives you better control of the delivery. The offshore team works in close contact with the local team from Globedesk and we handle the remote communication so you don’t need to.

A combined delivery gives you a cost efficient solution with good control plus some extra benefits such that we can utilize the time zone differences to our advantage.

Pure Offshore Team

Pure Offshore Team

With a pure offshore team you get the most cost efficient solution. We are still ensuring good communication and transparency by having regular meetings by phone or video, and by using agile principles applied at remote working. For projects longer than 6 months we offer on-site on-boarding of key members in the receiving country for 2-3 weeks.

This solution is ideal if you have well-defined requirements for a project that require less control and communication.

What our customers says

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Why clients choose Globedesk

High Quality and Reliable

We offer quality and reliable teams or individuals to do the work you need done.

Great Skills

Specialised knowledge with great skills to approach challenging tasks.

Price Competitive

We are price competitive and can help you save money and maintain high quality.

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