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Our skilled developers creates high quality solution using industry best practices.


Not looking for consultants but to hire? We help you with the recruitment process.

Professional Employer Organization

We help your business with hiring, payroll, VISA application and more.


Based in Colombia and Chile

Most of our consultants comes from Colombia and Chile. We can offer consultants remotely or on-site. Our consultants have experience of working for international companies and are passionated for technology.

Experts in Agile Development

Agile principles guides us at every step. Our developers are pride believers of software craftmanship.

Flexible Delivery Options - Choose what's best for you

  • Complete offshore delivery for maximum upfront cost savings
  • A combined local/offshore delivery that gives you both cost savings and full control of the delivery


Based in Colombia and Spain

We have recruiters in Colombia and in Spain. Globedesk speciality is finding consultants and candidates that work remotely.

Broad Network

Utilising a number of tools, our network and our own database, helps us to find the ideal candidate for you.

Top Candidates

Candidates that are presented to interview will be fully assessed and evaluated against the specified requirements.

Recruitment Process

Professional Employer Organization


In Colombia, we offer the service as Professional Employer Organization.

Save Money and Time

  • For many small to medium businesses,  it’s not worth the cost and all the work with setting up a foreign entity.
  • We make it possible for you to convert your freelancer or consultant to an employee.
  • You will be able to hire employees before your foreign entity is set up.

Check out all our PEO services.


The Globedesk Team

Outperform with Outsourcing

Outsourcing is simple on paper but can be difficult in reality. The keys to success are:

Fist Bump


Define exactly what you want to achieve with your outsourcing.

Well defined KPI’s

Will help you to have control over project deliveries and for us to to accurately plan and execute your project.

Clear Communication

Clear and continuous communication between our companies is a pre-requisites for success.

Empowered Teams

Relationship built on trust enables us to build empowered teams that go out of their way to support you in the best way possible.

Why work with Globedesk?

Career Development

With us you are given the chance to decide your career path and how you want to grow.

International Experience

With Globedesk you have the opportunity to work and develop your skills with international companies.

Competitive salary

We offer job opportunities that includes lucrative salary packages with great benefits.

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Do you want to join our team and work for us?

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