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Globedesk Gig

Globedesk Gig – Hire your pre-verified IT consultant

There have been interesting changes on the job market over the last decade. More and more people are working from home or remotely. The trend to hire staff on contract and project-basis has become highly productive for both employer and employee.

However, we have noticed something missing on the currently available marketplaces – verification of the freelancers. As a response to a great need of a new consultant marketplace for highly qualified IT candidates we are now launching Globedesk Gig! 

What is Globedesk Gig and why should you use it?

Globedesk Gig – What is it?

Globedesk Gig is a marketplace where you can find and hire IT consultants of high quality. We know that many businesses are only interested in project-based hiring or simply looking for a specific skill set within IT. That is what we provide. With a few clicks, you can post your project for free, look for potential consultants and hire your ideal candidate.

Why use our platform?

What makes us so different to others? We pride ourselves in that we pre-evaluate, interview and test all our IT consultants. Why? To enable transparency between the consultant and employee. To offer quality above quantity.

To offer our clients, quality and service that allows projects to be executed in the best way.

Hiring through Globedesk Gig – is a more cost-efficient method than hiring staff directly and gives you a lot of flexibility in project planning.

Cover for extra peaks in your backlog without over-committing by hiring permanent staff. Do that proof-of-concept that could be the stepping stone to the Next Big Thing for your business, but your current staff never seem to get around to actually doing it. Or fix that technical debt that’s dragging productivity down for your overworked team.

Globedesk Gig is a user-friendly site that should enable you to spend as little time searching for candidates but starting your project as quickly as possible.

How does Globedesk Gig work?

Globedesk Gig is a user-friendly marketplace platform where you sign up as an employer and post as many projects as you want. Consultants will be able to bid directly on your project or you can simply browse yourself amongst top IT consultants and review their portfolios. You can contact candidates directly about your project. Once you have found your ideal consultant and they accepted your project, you can get to work immediately.

If you are an IT consultant and want to join us? You simply sign up, and write Globedesk Staff to begin the interview process. Once you have fulfilled all requirements and tests, you will be able to bid on different projects.

Let’s get started!

Globedesk Gig
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