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Doodle Calender

Doodle up your schedule!

Doodle – a simple way of scheduling meetings and appointments – cut down the back and forth of endless emails to set a time and date!    

I feel that one of our most time consuming aspects of our daily tasks are scheduling meetings. There could be countless emails being sent back and forth just to arrange a time that works for everybody. I find this particularly true if you are working from home or having a team somewhere outside your office.  This is also why I wanted to tell you about this recently introduced application to me, Doodle, as I know many of you are in the same position as me.

Why use Doodle?

It makes your life significantly easier when arranging a get-together. So, all you do need to do is to create a poll that suggests a date and time, invite participants and then I just select what times suits me best. Takes you 1 minute to set up because it’s so user-friendly. What I like the most is that it sync with my existing calendar! I also really like the fact that people who respond to the poll do not need to sign up for a Doodle account to do so. They simply see a space to enter their names and tick boxes to check off their availability, based on the given options. People who respond can also leave a comment on the poll. Easy peasy!

Get a Doodle account

Doodle is a free tool to download, and there’s no charge to use the service. If you upgrade to a “Private or Business” account, you get some additional perks.  Personally I use the free version as I think it works really great. I think my only complaint is that not enough people are using this option to all the needless emails and discussions on dates and times. So in other words, Doodle is helping my productivity as a remote worker and private life :)

Look at this video to learn more about Doodle:


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