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Working Remotely

Corona quarantine? Here’s the top 5 remote working tools

At Globedesk, we have always promoted working remotely. Everyone in our team chose from where they want to work. To be successful when you work remotely, you need good online tools where all of your colleagues meet and collaborate.
Remote working has become even more important now due to the Corona virus. We would like to share with you our favourite tools that we use daily to plan our work, communicate and collaborate on tasks.


We love Trello!
There couldn’t be an easier and more transparent tool than Trello. It  organises all your tasks. We like to use Trello between our teams, individually or with our partners. Here we post our daily and weekly tasks. If functions like yellow posts-it notes to yourself where you can attach texts, color schemes, members of a task, links and attachments.
It’s a flexible and easy tool to use to collaborate on tasks from anywhere.

Here is an video on how to get started:


Zoom a video conferencing tool and it’s free to use for calls that are 40 minutes and under. I am sure you have had some questionable experiences with Skype, that has led you to look elsewhere. Look no further! Zoom is great, reliable, easy to use and flexible to program your video calls. This means that if your colleague is working from home, you can easily reach out to them face to face with Zoom.

Check it out here:


We guess little introduction is required for WhatsApp!
Most of the world tends to now have the app on their phone, either for work or private use. It is an instant messaging application that allows smartphone users to exchange text, image, video, files and audio messages for free.

Actually, most of South America tends to use WhatsApp in a work context. Which is not as common in Europe. As we are an international company, based in Colombia, means that we use WhatsApp for pretty much everything. We directly communicate with our local clients, colleagues.
You can also use an application for WhatsApp on your computer which makes it very easy to keep in touch and share information rapidly.


Tired of getting your mail inbox full with long conversations? Slack solves this problem!
In Slack you have different channels for different subjects or purposes. You can have threads where you easily can follow the communication.
We really recommend to try it out! It will help you organise your work and conversations and lower your stress.

How to:

Google Drive

Google Drive is widely known and used by many. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronisation service developed by Google. What we love most about this service is that everything is stored online and we work on documents together easily. This is particularly great if you are not sitting in an office together.

Perhaps a downside would be that if you are an advanced user of applications such as word, excel and powerpoint etc., the drive offers it’s basic settings. If you want more advanced settings, you can purchase this.

Here you can check out videos on how to use Google Drive.

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