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Senior Competence Interview

Hiring now? Boost your company with our senior candidates

We are so very proud over our Globedesk candidates!

Looking for senior co-workers? We have senior candidates in a variety of fields, for example: graphic design, software development, project management, technical writing, translation and Sharepoint consultants.

All our candidates are interested in working remotely full-time or some days of the week. Of course, all of our candidates speak English, but you will also find that many of our candidates are bilingual. We can help you find candidates that speaks Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Swedish and Hindu. Many of our candidates are also willing to relocate for greater opportunities at an inspiring company! That company can be yours!

Reach out to us and tell us your needs and what kind of senior co-worker that you are looking for. We will help you find candidates with special skills – from all across the globe. We also help you through the entire recruitment process, we know how time-consuming it can be! And remember, here at Globedesk we value service and quality and guarantee you a 100% satisfaction policy!

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