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5 tips to become a better content writer

I started as a content writer just by signing up to loads of websites and tried my luck. I did however realise, I wasn’t that great initially and I had wished someone had given me the advice I am about to give you.

1. Increase your skills to write in different styles

I noticed instantly that depending on the client, different ways of writing was important. Now, this can be difficult and a little time consuming to learn at the beginning. My only background to writing was from school or perhaps report documents from my previous jobs. I couldn’t apply that at all to my writing. So, the best way for me to simply go back a relearn how to write for websites. I found this guide a while back that really helped me. Check it out here.

2. Understanding SEO!

Don’t be alarmed! I had no idea what SEO (search engine optimisation) was either. Basically I think you only need to understand that keywords are really important. Search engines use algorithms that helps users find what they want. And your biggest goal is to make sure people click on your website and this way, your website gets a high place on a search engine list. Obviously this changes with time and new words gets fashionable and more used so keep yourself updated here.

3. Readers want instant information

At first, I always used to write quite creatively. In content writing, that just doesn’t tend to work. And there is a simple explanation. People are busy! If you want to find an answer or solution online, you want instant information. So, sentences should be short, concise and direct. This could actually be more time consuming than writing in a more complex manner. So don’t despair! You will get the hang of it.

4. Have a visual appeal

I think we all know how powerful an image can be. And it’s so true for your writing as well. A powerful, relevant and applicable picture should always be included. It’s important to think about who your target audience is. I also find it that videos can be very effective, but again, depending who you are writing for.

5. Write for people who scan your page 

Many studies shows that people just scan a page on the web. One study shows that only 16% read a web-page word for word. What you need is headlines that is straight to the point, images that really sell what you are trying to say, sub headlines that clearly tells what the text will be about and use bullet points to make it easy for the reader to find what is important in your text.

Work as a content writer

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