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Kickoff Martini

3 tips for kickoff with your remote colleagues

Have a company kickoff and get your work-mojo back after the holidays!

As we all know, returning from work after an awesome and relaxing holiday is quite the challenge. I believe this to be particularly true when you are a remote-worker and there can be plenty of distractions in your home or place of work. It can also be tricky to connect with your colleagues you have remotely as well. So, I started to snoop around on what I could to do speed up my work-mojo together with my other fellow remote workers and how to plan a kickoff.

I recently heard a great story about a company that was doing an annual holiday party, and not all their remote workers could join. So an employee came up with the idea to have a virtual gathering joining the actual party… live! Remote employers logged in through a Webinar, a company video conference tool.  Remote employers could chat, participate and feel included. To me, i thought the idea was good but a little awkward. But apparently, most people thought it really enhanced a better working relation and a level of togetherness many remote workers miss working from home! After I heard this story it got me thinking.. starting your work-mojo gets going with your group atmosphere you might have within an office. Tough luck for us remote workers ey!

So why I am telling you guys this story? Well, I think the perfect kickoff could be to have a gathering or simply a virtual party with your colleagues when you return from a holiday. Because it’s not only updates on what your working tasks are but, I believe it’s about reconnecting with the people you work with to gain motivation again. But you can’t make work fun again unless you have the tools to connect with your work buddies.

Engage your remote workers during your kickoff

Have a theme that applies to the camera frame  

I think it’s fun to have a theme after a summer break to keep the smile going. I think a hat, wig, country shirts, jewelry from an era for example are all items that can be seen from a computer camera angle. It’s also not costly and adds the atmosphere a little to the outside team.

Send a goodiebox

This is only applicable if it’s possible to send postage to your remote colleagues. I had a friend once where the secret santa gift was sent to her. A great coffee mug with the company logo and I thought that was adorable! An online gift card is also perfect when a company perhaps can’t post items that easily.

Arrange an online multiplayer game

A problem solving or mystery game where your team members discover treasures together. Here are some games you can play.

Finally but not lastly, I think it’s nice to have some private chats with your remote colleagues you have been in contact with. Just to see their faces and say a few words of getting to know each other or simply to say thanks. Doesn’t have to be so complicated but very much appreciated by remote workers!

Have you ever attended a virtual party? What actually worked? What didn’t? What additional ideas would you add to the mix? How did you keep everyone engaged and involved? I would love to know your stories! :)  


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