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2021 – How will this year turn out?

2020 is finally a year behind us. We are all hoping for a new fruitful year of 2021. There are many challenges ahead but also many opportunities. So lets convert our 2020 experiences to a new vision for the new year. We have noticed some ongoing trends we would like to share with you.

From Globedesk perspective

Remote work is here to stay

What 2020 has shown and proven to the world is that remote work can work for anyone and anywhere. For some companies, there were significant efforts required to transfer office life to each employee home. However, once that transition was made many companies acknowledged its success. Major companies such as Google, Microsoft, Uber and AirBnB announced they wish to continue this type of working conditions. This is a major step towards the future we here at Globedesk believe strongly in.

More consulting positions

Despite the worrying numbers that we are in the middle of a recession due to Covid, not all sectors are affected.What we can see here at Globedesk is that this new mode of working for many companies, IT related consulting positions are more available. We hear from more companies that remote working conditions are a possibility. Either long term or short term contracts. So overall, we can see a different business landscape shaping up for 2021. Digitalization is here to stay and growing faster than ever. This is a very exciting new trend.

Where you are doesn't matter

Companies have become more open to the idea that an employee can sit practically anywhere as long as the job is done to a quality standard. We have consultants sitting in Colombia, Brazil and Spain and working for the European market.

Increase in PEO services

As many of you have experienced, the Covid pandemic certainly changed all many business objectives and goals. For some of you, perhaps it was to expand your business to other countries and open new offices. Today, this has become a real challenge. Nonetheless, we have welcomed many companies to Colombia with our PEO services. Our services allow you to continue growing your business. We offer all employment and contract services for you to have a regular functioning office. 2021 can certainly be a year of vision rather than frustration.

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